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Hi, I’m Steven Scaffidi, and I’m a UX/UI designer and full stack developer living in California. One of my major goals is to help support small businesses, and this goal is what led me to create Tela Edge. Tela is a small beach town in Honduras where my mom grew up. I also spent a good part of my childhood in Tela, which is why I decided to call my company Tela Edge. Creating web-based applications is my passion, and I’m constantly learning new languages, coding techniques, and frameworks to help make applications that are modern, fast, and secure. My MBA helps me to create individualized web-based applications based on each company’s business needs, and my mission is to design software that is easy to use and valuable to each customer.

And when I’m not coding, I love hanging out with my wife, Christie, and my dog, Majé.

Check out my GitHub profile or my portfolio to see my latest work, and if you need help creating a web-based application or a website, please contact me.

Tela Edge specializes in creating individualized, memorable, and user-friendly digital products. Our services include:

Website Design

Whether you need to update your website or create a new one from scratch, we can help you get up and running with an engaging, responsive, accessible website that is individualized for you. We can even create a wedding or special event website. Our websites are designed on free open-source platforms, which gives you the option of managing your own website. If you would like to be more involved in the process, we also provide training and assistance to help you manage your own content. We can code compliant and efficient html and css and can ensure that your site is always up to date.

Web and Mobile Applications

We design mobile-friendly web applications that are customized to help your business run more efficiently. These web applications are also built on free open-source platforms. The apps can help solve a wide range of issues, from Client Relationship Management (CRM) to customized calculators, and can help increase revenue and productivity.

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